Come See Madison Pintar As Jo In Wilsonville High School’s Little Women, The Musical!

Show opens on October 10th and runs through October 19th

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Join us next season!

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Thanks to everyone who helped make the 2012-13 Season one of our best ever!

We hope you join us next year for one or more of our exciting offerings:

Fall Musical:

Little Women, the Musical* – This 2005 Broadway musical about the March sisters is an emotional classic. The show will feature some of the school’s finest singing talent. October, 2013. Directed by Jason Katz.

Holiday Show:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream- Shakespeare’s most enjoyable classic just in time for the holidays. December, 2012. Directed by John Fitzgerald.

Winter Play:

The Diary of Anne Frank - The life-affirming drama comes to life in our Black Box Theatre. February, 2014. Directed by Jason Katz.

Spring Musical:

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown – Snoopy and the gang are all here for singing and dancing fun in this springtime musical. May, 2014. Directed by John Fitzgerald.

*Auditions for Little Women will take place on June 17th and 18th at 2pm in the choir room at Wilsonville High School. Incoming freshmen and current WHS students are welcome to audition. Email Mr. Katz at for more information.

Final Weekend for Farce!

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Three more performances left of “May the Farce Be With You” — perfect for kids! Come check out this hilarious and wacky tribute to superhero and sci-fi movies! May 23, 24, & 25th. 7pm. $7 Adults, $5 students and senior citizens. Wilsonville High School Auditorium this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

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“May the Farce be With You” opens May 16th!

Superheroes, Robots, and Aliens hit the stage in “May the Farce be With You”

“May the Farce be With You,” a science-fiction comedy about aliens who try and take over the world, and the superheroes who try and stop them. In the play, a group of heroes known collectively as the EIEIO is vacationing at their summer retreat – a spa in New Mexico called “O. McDonald’s Farm.” At the spa, a Darth Vader-like space villain called Star Raider and his partner in crime, Deprava, have set a trap that will rob the heroes of their superpowers, leaving the earth “at their mercy.” Accompanying the villains are two gibberish-speaking alien creatures who pose as kitchen staff named Nerd and Yuck, and sinister robot called KP3.

Standing in the way of the villain’s plot are two superheroes that are not a part of the EIEIO – Superbrain and Wizard Woman. Neither of them have superpowers but they both are genius-level detectives who solve crimes using their “enormous brain capacities.” In the play, the two work together to solve the case, and begin to fall for one another as well.

The EIEIO is comprised of Acrobat Man and his trusty sidekick Albatross, fish-communicating H2O Girl, Phoenician goddess Astarte, the hulking Gadzooks, and the Terrific Trio: Tapeman, who can stick to any surface, Electrogirl, who can control electricity, and Miss Invisowrap, who is invisible and can stretch into a saran-wrap substance to keep criminals wrapped up tight. Each of the heroes also has a “cover personality” that they transform into by slipping into an onstage dressing room and coming out as their alter egos. The most impressive transformation is that of Gadzooks, whose cover personality is a young girl called Keexie Lisp, the “most adorable schoolgirl in Indiana.” Gadzooks turns into Keexie (and vice-versa) by going into a dressing room and shouting “Gadzooks!” and then coming out as Keexie.

The play boasts a cast of 27, including many freshmen and sophomore students and teachers Jason Katz and John Fitzgerald. “I play Lord Overkill in the ‘warm-up’ play that I wrote as a companion piece to “May the Farce be With You,” called “Science Fiction Theatre” and John plays my nemesis, Galaxy Man,” says Katz.

Students in the cast include Tristan Loomis as Superbrain, Mikhaila Bishop as Wizard Woman, Angela Garrett as Miss McDonald, the administrator of O. McDonald’s Farm, Kate Walsh as Terry Secra, her secretary, Dru Burton as loudmouth detective Lieutenant Bullhorn, Kimberly Stevens, Whitnie Sumerlin, and Britta Bauer as maids Sparkle, Gleama, and Brilla, respectively, Aubrey Slaughter as Frenchie Cuisine, Ally Cumiford as Mrs. Onaze, Delane Cunningham as Miss Broom/Deprava, Ian Graham as Star Raider, Matt Dyer as alien Nerd and Sree, the host of “Science Fiction Theatre,” Marisa Pieper as Yuck and Sree’s mom in “Science Fiction Theatre,” Tony Lermy as “KP3,” Daniel McKennie as Acrobat Man, Sean Fitzgerald as Albatross, Paige Jacobsen as H20 Girl, Grace Myers as Astarte, Jacob Dyer as Tapeman, Lauren Antrim as Electrogirl, Abby Choruby as Miss Invisowrap, Charles Grant as Gadzooks, Shea Meissner as Keexie Lisp, Jessica Gossett as Annie in Science Fiction Theatre.

The show is appropriate and fun for kids of all ages. Show dates are May 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, & 25. All shows begin at 7pm in WHS Auditorium. Tickets are $7 for Adults, $5 for Students and Senior Citizens, and $4 for students with ASB.


There Went Millie! Thoroughly Modern Millie, That Is.


Thank your for coming to see Wilsonville High School’s production of Thoroughly Modern Millie!

Thoroughly Modern Millie closes tonight, March 2! 150 Tickets available at the door!

Box Office will open at 6 PM. 150 tickets are available. Don’t miss out!

Our Town Opens On Nov 1st 2012 at Wilsonville High School

Wilsonville High School Theatre’s first show of the year will be the American classic, Our Town, a play that explores the lives of a group of townsfolk from Grover’s Corners, a small, fictional town in New Hampshire at the turn of the century. Playwright Thorton Wilder intended the play to be a meditation on how we, as humans, get caught up in the minutiae of our everyday lives and often miss the beauty of the people and the world around us.

“The play is about telling the truth,” says director John Fitzgerald, “to accentuate this, Mr. Wilder intended it to be staged in as simple manner as possible, with a minimal amount of props and scenery.”

One of the more unique characteristics of the play is that there is a character called “The Stage Manager,” who “breaks the fourth wall” and speaks directly with the audience throughout, helping to remind them about what is important: family, connection, and relationships.

The main story of the play concerns two families who live next door to one another: The Webbs and the Gibbs. It follows their everyday trials and tribulations, and primarily focuses on the relationship of Emily Webb and George Gibbs, the teenage children of the two families who, over the course of time, fall in love with each other.

The cast includes junior Justine Cohen as The Stage Manager, junior Delane Cunningham as Emily Webb and sophomores Ellie Lauthner and Jason Black, as Mrs. and Mr. Webb, respectively. It also includes Paxton Crystal as George Gibbs, and juniors Paige Peterson and Levi Rule, as Mrs. and Mr. Gibbs, respectively.  Also included are junior Kierra Rowan as George’s little sister Rebecca Gibbs, freshman Brock Taylor as Emily’s younger brother Wally Webb, junior Jake Young as local curmudgeon Simon Stimson, senior Laura Payne as gossipy widow Mrs. Soames, senior Dru Burton as Constable Warren, junior Ian Graham as Howie Newsome, freshman Kyle McArthur as undertaker Joe Stoddard, junior Jason Kummerman as Professor Willard, freshman Mikhaila Bishop as Woman in the Balcony, and WHS teacher Jason Katz as distant cousin, Sam Craig.

“The hope of the play,” says Fitzgerald, “is that it reminds us of the significance and importance of the people that we spend our time with, and that time is fleeting. We don’t get a chance to go back and do things over.”

This warm American classic is appropriate for all ages. Performances take place on November 1-3, and 8-10 at 7pm in the Wilsonville High School Auditorium. There will also be a 2pm matinee on Saturday, November 10th. Tickets are $7 for Adults and $5 for Students and Senior Citizens. Tickets are available at the door the night of the performance or online.


2012-2013 Season Announcement!

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We are very excited to be bringing you three fantastic productions this year! Any and all Wilsonville High School students are encouraged to audition for any of the shows.










Fall Production: Our Town by Thorton Wilder. Directed by John Fitzgerald

Winter Production: Thoroughly Modern Millie. Book by Dick Scanlan, New Lyrics by Dick Scanlan. New Music by Jeanine Tesori. Original Story and Screenplay by Richard Morris. Directed by Jason Katz

Spring Production: Science Fiction Theatre presents “May the Farce be With You.” Written by David Rogers. Directed by Jason Katz

2012-2013 Theatre Season — Audition Information

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Winter Production: Thoroughly Modern Millie

Audition Dates: November 26, 27, 28, 29

Show Dates: February 21, 22, 23, 28; March 1, 2








Character List:

Millie Dillmount (Soprano, 20s)
Excellent tap dancer, strong physical comedy. Appealing, determined, smart and headstrong despite her naiveté.

Jimmy Smith (Tenor/high baritone, 20s)
Moves very well, some physical comedy. Charming, handsome,
self-assured and savvy.

Mrs Meers (Belt, 30s – 50s)
Strong actor, sinister villain, comedic skills.

Miss Dorothy Brown (Soprano, 20s)
Female. Millie’s best friend. Extremely naive, ingenue, tap dancer, comedic skills.

Ching Ho (Tenor/high baritone, 20s)
Asian male character. Moves well, comedic timing but deep love for Miss Dorothy.

Bun Foo (Tenor/high baritone, 20s -30s)
Asian male character. Moves well, comedic timing.

Miss Flannery (Belt, 20’s-40’s)
Bossy, severe. Some tap required.

Trevor Graydon III (Baritone, 30’s)
Handsome, businesslike. A big boy-scout, very pure (falls for Miss Dorothy).

The Hotel Priscilla Girls
Small speaking parts, lots of singing/dancing:
Ruth            Gloria        Rita        Alice
Ethel Peas        Cora        Lucille

Lots of singing/dancing to play multiple roles, such as: female moders, male moderns, mugger, cops, men in jail, stenogs/office workers,etc.


Spring Production: May 2013

“Science Fiction Theatre” written by Jason Katz

Sree and Annie run a low-budget cable-access show out of Sree’s basement called “Science Fiction Theatre.” On the day they decide to show the camp classic “May the Farce be With You” (a play by David Rogers. See synopsis below), evil space-villain Lord Overkill plans to destroy them and their show forever with his latest secret weapon — his evil robot, Urg! Will Sree and Annie find the heroes Galaxy Man and his friendly sidekick Meteor to save the day in time to finish the movie? Tune in to channel 372 to find out!

“May the Farce be With You” by David Rogers

The “movie” that Sree and Annie show, “May the Farce be With You,” takes place at a unique health-spa located somewhere in New Mexico. The spa, O. McDonald’s Farm, is the secret getaway retreat for a band of superheroes known collectively as the EIEIO. A young man called Byron Ceps serves as the athletic instructor at the spa, but secretly he is “Superbrain,” an ultra-smart crimefighter whose lack of super-powers (and his lack of fashion sense) keep him out of the EIEIO. Meanwhile, Star Raider and space-vixen Deprava are planning to infiltrate the spa with a secret formula that will keep the superheroes locked in their mild-mannered alter-ego personalities forever! Will Superbrain with the help of another smart but not so snappy-dresser crimefighter Wizard Woman save the EIEIO and indeed the earth before the aliens destroy it? Maybe, and in the meantime, you will enjoy this cheesily hysterical sci-fi “classic.”

Directed by Jason Katz

Audition Dates: March 11, 12, 13* (*callback)

Performance Dates: May 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 24 (2013)

“Science Fiction Theatre” Characters:

Sree – A young boy with a love for old sci-fi movies. He hosts a cheesy show out of his basement called Science Fiction Theatre (like Wayne’s World meets Mystery Science Theatre 3000).

Annie – His best friend and co-host on the show.

Sree’s Mom – The naggiest sounding mother on the planet. Has her brain reversed at some point in the play.

Lord Overkill – The most evil space villain in the galaxy. Has no regard for puny space villains shown in movies because they always get defeated in the end. Wants to show the world what a “real” space villain can do.

Urg – Lord Overkill’s evil robot. Can only say two words: “Urg, SMASH!!!”

Galaxy Man — A super hero Sree and Annie find in the phonebook. “Protecting the galaxy from space villainy since 1929!”

Meteor — Galaxy Man’s sidekick.

Scene One of SFT takes place before the “movie” (May the Farce be With You) starts. Scene Two of SFT takes place after intermission, just before the start of Act 2 of MTFBWY. Scene Three of SFT takes place after the end of MTFBWY.

“May the Farce be With You” characters:

Brilla – a maid at O. McDonald’s farm.

Sparkle – a maid at O. McDonald’s farm.

Gleama – a maid at O. McDonald’s farm.

Byron Ceps/Superbrain – Byron is the athletic instructor at O. McDonald’s Farm. He acts like a big dumb moron. But really he is Superbrain, able to solve crimes with only his… brain!

Terry Secra – Ms. McDonald’s trusted secretary. A young woman who is a little less-harried than Ms. McDonald.

Ms. McDonald – A professional-sounding woman, a little harried, but proper, who runs the day-to-day affairs of the spa.

Vera Strong — The female athletic instructor at O. McDonald’s Farm. Does not like Byron Ceps because he’s a neanderthal. She doesn’t know that he is really Superbrain. Vera has a secret of her own!

Miss Broom/Deprava – Miss Broom is the slightly evil-Zounding (she speaks with a lot of ‘Z’s) housekeeper at O. McDonald’s Farm. She is really Deprava, an intergalactic space-villainess!

Star Raider – The evil space scientist/Overlord who is attempting, with Deprava’s help, to take over the world by masquerading as the spa’s new chef (cue maniacal laughter).

Nerd – One of Star Raider’s henchmen. A furry alien. Speaks in gibberish.

Yuck – Like Nerd, only yuckier.

KP3 – An evil robot disguised as a kitchen supply cabinet.

Acrobat Man – Is very acrobatic (offstage he does ‘triple-gainers’ on the spinning blades of a helicopter. Sees himself as a ladies man. He and Albatross continuously fight over Astarte.

Albatross – Acrobat Man’s loyal sidekick. (Like ‘Robin’ in Batman only MORE ridiculous.) Says things like “Exploding electrocutions, no!”

H20 Girl – Like Aquaman, but a girl. Swam as far as she could to New Mexico before she had to take a plane. “Arid!”

Astarte – A Phoenician goddess superhero who can control the weather. Her “cover personality” is Hyra Gliffix, a brooklynite.

Tapeman – Can stick to any surface, climb walls, etc. Part of the Terrific Trio (with Electroman and Miss Invisowrap)

Electroman – Can control electricity, duh. Is part of “The Terrific Trio” (a sub-group within the larger EIEIO group).

Miss Invisowrap – An invisible superwoman. Sometimes only her voice is heard. She is also adjustable and can wrap herself around villains like Saran-Wrap.

Keexie Lisp – The motht adorable thschoolgirl in Indiana. She IS Gadzooks when Gadzooks is not Gadzooks.

Gadzooks – A big hulking super-hero. Super-strong. Kind of like a mix between the Hulk and Superman. Except that for his “cover personality” he tranforms into Keexie Lisp, “the motht adorable thschoolgirl in Indiana”

Lt. Bullhorn – A gruff, loud-mouthed policeman who comes to investigate the disappearance of the kitchen staff.

Frenchie Cuisine – Chef Cuisine’s wife. She shows up with Lt. Bullhorn after the chef goes missing. She cries a lot (with Mrs. Onaze). She is an annoyingly devoted wife.

Mrs. Onaze – May, the salad girl’s mother. She shows up with Lt. Bullhorn after May goes missing. She cries a lot. She’s an older lady with an annoying voice — think “Mrs. Potato-head” from the Toy Story movies.

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