Tickets for

High School Musical

are live now.

Please click on your desired performance below.

The Auditorium theatre’s box office will be open 45 minutes before each performance.

Thursday, May 14 @ 7 PM

Friday, May 15 @ 7 PM

Saturday, May 16 @ 7 PM

Thursday, May 21 @ 7 PM

Friday, May 22 @ 7 PM

Saturday, May 23 @ 2 PM

Saturday, May 23 @ 7 PM

We request that all ticket holders be in their seats by 6:55 PM for evening performances and by 1:55 for our matinee.

Any empty seat after these times may be subject to being resold to someone here at the theatre hoping to purchase a ticket.

 For purchases made at the door, we accept all major credit cards via our Square card reader.


Square works with any US-issued and most non-US issued cards bearing a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover logo including the following card types:

• Credit      • Corporate     • Debit     • Gift     • Pre-Paid     • Rewards


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