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Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella At Wilsonville High School Press Release

WVHS’s Updated Broadway-version of Cinderella Is A Tale Of Creative Collaboration And Personal Empowerment

Wilsonville High School Performing Arts Department is proud to present Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella. While there are many versions of this classic fairy tale, WVHS will perform the recently updated Broadway version, which premiered in 2013 with Laura Osnes as Cinderella and Santino Fontano as Prince Topher.

Senior Samantha Katz plays Ella, dubbed ‘Cinderella’ by her less than supportive step-mother, Madame, played by senior Katie Walter. Prince Topher is played by senior Ari Lauthner. Like Ella, he has challenges with the older generation, mostly springing from a manipulative guardian named Sebastian, played by senior Casey Young.

Topher should be happy, after all, he is the prince. But despite being an above-average slayer of dragons, giants and ogres, he doesn’t know who he is. On the other side of the forest, Ella lives in a cottage with her step-mother and spoiled step-sisters, Gabriella, played by senior Mikaela Ochocki, and Charlotte played by senior Averyl Hartje. Ella has settled into her lot in life and has learned to tolerate poor treatment from her step-sisters and their doting mother. She is content to live in a fantasy world until she is lured beyond her own little corner of the house when she hears that the prince is giving a ball.

Bringing the magic and possibilities is ‘crazy’ Marie, played by junior Kaiya Shivers, an elderly women, who turns out to be not quite as cuckoo as everyone thinks. Once she transforms into Ella’s fairy godmother the entire production takes a turn towards the magical.

This version of the fairy tale has a new character, a political activist in Renaissance times, Jean Michele, played by junior Cormac Lister, who longs to romance step-sister Gabriella. Another new addition to this version of the story is Lord Pinkleton, comedic town crier for the crown played by sophomore Cian Lister.

This show puts the spotlight on contemporary themes: choosing kindness over cruelty, activating personal power, transforming unfortunate circumstances, taking risks, standing up to difficult others, and blossoming into a person who can forgive those who have made mistakes.

By the end of the show, Ella reminds us that with the help of a few friends, anyone can access enough personal power to trust themselves, make a difference and become the change needed in the world.

According to director Jason Katz, “Initially, I was looking for a show with enough female parts for all the students we have who want to participate. With all of the ballroom dances, village scenes and even a chase scene, Cinderella fits that bill. But this version of the fairy tale is really an empowerment story about two young people, who don’t feel like they have a voice in their own lives. By connecting with like-minded others, they get and give the help they need to become more clear and assertive, and ultimately that’s what creates the happy ending for Ella and Topher.”

Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella is a team effort of the performing arts departments at Wilsonville High School. Jason Katz is in his sixteenth year of directing musicals. Choir director Annie Kubitschek is the vocal director for her fourth year. Chad Davies will conduct the pit orchestra for the eighth time. Choreographing her second show at WVHS is Kate Jahnson. John Fitzgerald is tech director for his eleventh year.

This is a live theatrical production of the original Broadway show and is therefore recommended for ages 5 and up. There are six performances in the Wilsonville Auditorium and they are all evening shows. The show begins at 7 pm on November 7, 8, 9, 14, 15 and 16. Tickets for Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella are $12 for adults and $10 for students and children. Tickets may be pre-purchased at

Announcing The Cast & Crew Of Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella, Our November 2019 Musical

Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella at Wilsonville High SchoolTickets On Sale Now! CLICK HERE TO ORDER ONLINE

The best way to be the first to hear latest news is to join our email list and/or follow us on Facebook. Hope to see you at one of our six shows!

Ella – Samantha Katz
Topher – Ari Lauthner
Madame – Katie Walter
Sebastian – Casey Young
Marie – Kaiya Shivers
Gabrielle – Mikaela Ochocki
Charlotte – Averyl Hartje
Jean-Michel – Cormac Lister
Lord Pinkleton – Cian Lister



Chance Kirk
Wyett Butler
John Cramer
Ethan Sarin
Blake Sandall
Donald Nuffer
Hailey Flick
Penelope Burian
Lauren Bresnahan
Lizzie Hall
Jessica Hansen
Chandler Hartenberger
Kate Hedgepeth
Hannah Jacobs
Claire Ihlenberg
Tristan Ihlenberg
Kate Jeffries
Ainsley Mayes
Shay Moore
Siona Olson
Lily Saunders
Kara Emmett
Anna Stanley
Rhiannon Torango
Natalie Caddell
Angelina Heimerdinger
Claudia Molatore
Elle McGuire
Courtney Lawrence
Keira Kerner
Alex Wellborn



Stage Manager – Meghan Barry
Light Board Operator – Sam Duran
Spotlights- Gavin Devincenzi and Luke Heidelberger
Makeup/costume/hair lead – Ellie Counts
Makeup/costume/hair team – Esme Krause, Jillian Dauth, Courtney Milburn, Marisa Stucki and Shaylee Ochocki
Backstage Manager – Andrew Murphy
Stage hands – Kaitlyn Graves, Logan Demarais, Ben Nieuwstraten, Ashton West, Noah Hansen, David Ramsey
House Manager – Sarina Kaufman
Front of House techs – Natalie Opager, Bella Glastra Van Loon, Dawn Quintero, Sydney Carskadon, Hayley Stahl
Sound board operator – Vy Frolov
Sound board assistant – Payton Bell

About Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella

Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella is the new Broadway adaptation of the classic musical. This contemporary take on the classic tale features Rodgers & Hammerstein’s most beloved songs, including “In My Own Little Corner,” “Impossible/It’s Possible” and “Ten Minutes Ago,” alongside a hilarious and romantic libretto by Tony Award nominee Douglas Carter Beane as well as some new characters, and surprising twists.

Originally presented on television in 1957 starring Julie Andrews, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA was twice re-made, first in 1965 for Lesley Ann Warren and then again in 1997 featuring Brandy and Whitney Houston. The original Broadway production opened in 2013 and starred Laura Osnes, Santino Fontana, Victoria Clark and Harriet Harris.

Running Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes, including one intermission

Opening night will be Thursday, November 7th and will continue on the 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th & 16th. All shows at 7 pm in the WVHS auditorium. Tickets on sale soon! Please sign up for our email newsletter. Text WILDCATDRAMA to 22828.

Wilsonville High School’s 2019-2020 Theatre Season Poster (Please Note Cinderella Schedule Change)

SCHEDULE CHANGE: Although we originally announced a matinée for Cinderella, due to scheduling conflicts beyond our control, we will no longer be able to offer a matinée. All shows begin at 7 pm. Cinderella is for ages five and up.

Wilsonville High School Theatre 2019-2020 Season

Our Poster For She Kills Monsters By Qui Nguyen Is Getting Noticed (You Can Now License The Artwork For Your Show!)

Have you seen our poster for She Kills Monsters? It’s killer.

Art by Kameron Koslowski and poster design by Jason Katz.

Poster artwork can be licensed by theatres through Wilsonville High School Theatre Department. All proceeds go to the artist.

Please use our Contact page to get in touch with department co-chair, Jason Katz.

She Kills Monsters runs May 16-18 and 23-25 at 7pm in the Wilsonville High School Auditorium. Tickets are available online at and at the door. Prices are $10 for adults and $8 for students. The show is recommended for ages thirteen and up.


Dungeons & Dragons Brought To Life: She Kills Monsters Runs May 16-18 & 23-25 At Wilsonville High School

She Kills Monsters at Wilsonville High School May 2019
Senior Abi Edwards plays Agnes and junior Kameron Koslowski plays Chuck in Wilsonville High School’s spring play, “She Kills Monsters.”

Dragons, fairies, elves, gelatinous man-eating cubes — welcome to the fantasy-fueled, role-playing realms of Dungeons & Dragons. She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen is the spring show at Wilsonville High School. The play tells the story of high school senior Agnes Evans as she strives to deal with the death of her younger sister, Tilly. Tilly was a self-described geek who, unlike her popularity-seeking sister, was into D&D.

In the show, Agnes seeks the help of a dungeon master, a geeky freshman named Chuck, to help her navigate an adventure campaign that her sister had authored and left behind before she died. While playing her sister’s game, which is depicted imaginatively onstage complete with creatures, battles, and witty repartee, Agnes is able to reconnect with her sister and a few of her strange friends while joining the group’s main quest — to recover Tilly’s lost soul from Tiamat, a five-headed magic-wielding dragon.

Some of Tilly’s companions who Agnes gets to know on the quest include a dark elf, Kaliope, who isn’t quite attuned to human emotions, Lillith, a demon queen who wields a deadly battle axe, and Orcus, the former lord of the underworld, who would much rather watch reruns of Friends than embark on any adventures. The team encounters many obstacles in the play, including being bullied by some cheerleaders, who had bullied Tilly in real life and who appear in the game as a pair of evil imps, and of course, the dragon.

While on the journey, Agnes gets to know her sister and herself in ways she never knew before and comes to discover why killing dragons and going on quests is more rewarding than striving for popularity. In this high-octane dramedy laden with sword fights, dance battles, and 90s pop culture, acclaimed playwright Qui Nguyen offers a heart-pounding homage to the geek and warrior within us all. In order to render the multiple onstage battles, Katz brought in fight choreographer Natalie Piper, who worked with the students for a month on proper technique to fight safely.

Agnes is played by senior Abi Edwards and Tilly is played by junior Samantha Katz. Elf Kaliope is played by sophomore Kaiya Shivers. Demon queen Lillith is played by Natalie Young. Junior Noah Hansen plays Orcas. Senior Nate Rasmussen plays Agnes’ boyfriend Miles and dungeon master Chuck is played by junior Kameron Koslowski. Agnes’ best friend Vera is played by junior Katie Walter. The two evil succubi cheerleaders are played by juniors Kate Hedgepeth and Mikaela Ochocki.

She Kills Monsters is directed by Jason Katz, who says he chose this show because “Not only is it filled with fights and creatures, which is fun for the actors and the audience, it also has a layered story with characters who learn something about themselves over the course of the journey. It is a coming of age story set in a creative environment, which I enjoy directing.”

She Kills Monsters runs May 16-18 and 23-25 at 7pm in the Wilsonville High School Auditorium. Tickets are available online at and at the door. Prices are $10 for adults and $8 for students. The show is recommended for ages thirteen and up.


Presenting The Cast & Crew Of Our Spring Show: She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen

She Kills Monsters at Wilsonville High School May 2019
Junior Samantha Katz plays Tilly, sophomore Kaiya Shivers plays Kaliope the elf, and junior Natalie Young plays Lilith the demon in Wilsonville High School’s spring play, “She Kills Monsters.”

We are pleased to announce our cast for She Kills Monsters. We will announce the rest of the team closer to opening night. Tickets go on sale shortly after Spring Break. This show runs May 16-18 & May 23-25 at 7 pm in the Wilsonville High School Auditorium. This play is recommended for ages 13 and up. Hope to see you there!

(This list is updated on an ongoing basis. Please let us know if you spy an oversight.)

Cast List:
Agnes – Abi Edwards
Tilly – Samantha Katz
Kaliope – Kaiya Shivers
Lilith – Natalie Young
Orcus – Noah Hansen
Miles – Nate Rasmussen
Chuck – Kameron Koslowski
Steve – Cian Lister
Evil Tina – Mikaela Ochocki
Evil Gabbi – Kate Hedgepeth
Farrah the Faerie – Hannah Jacobs
Vera – Katie Walter

Wyett Butler
John Cramer
Jillian Dauth
Alexis Gessler
Jessica Hansen
Laura Jeffrey
Lizzie Hall
Cormac Lister
Blake Sandall
Marisa Stukey
Casey Young

Stage Manager: Mackenzie Bodyfelt
Student Director: Katie Glavey
Assistant Stage Manager: Meghan Barry
Weapons Master: Nicola Krause
Light Board Operator: Sam Duran
Sound Board Operator: Vy Frolov
Sound Board Assistant: Ethan Sarin
House Manager: Sarina Kaufman
House Manager: Briauna Haskins
Front of House Tech: Rhiannon Torango
Front of House Tech: Grace Wilhelm
Front of House Tech: Dawn Quintero
Front of House Tech: Payton Bell
Front of House Tech: Jeremy Katz
Backstage Manager: Andrew Kaleigh Murphy
Stage Hand: Kaitlyn Graves
Stage Hand: Esmé Krause
Stage Hand: Ashton West
Stage Hand: Kylee Benge
Costume/Makeup/Hair Manager: Tenley Lubisich
Costume/Makeup/Hair Assistant: Halle Jones
Costume/Makeup/Hair Assistant: Anna Stanley
Costume/Makeup/Hair Assistant: Logan Demarais
Costume/Makeup/Hair Assistant: Ainsley Mayes
Costume/Makeup/Hair Assistant: Chance Kirk

Results From The 2019 Regional Thespian Competition

Wilsonville High School Performs Night On Broadway, Thespian Showcase
Photo by Jake Young

We are proud of every single student who competed in Regionals because they achieved our department goal of practicing and growing acting skills. To summarize, over 35% of the numbers we brought to Regionals placed in the top 20% and over 13% of our numbers placed in the top 10%. Everyone worked hard in a limited number of weeks, and every student showcased their accomplishments at our Night On Broadway performances. Congratulations to the 18 WVHS students who made the top 20%!

Competing At State: Top 10% In Our Region

Small Group Musical: “All Girl Band” from A…My Name Is Alice with Abi Edwards, Grace Folske, Kate Jeffries, Natalya Karnes, Quinn Moody, Siona Olson

Duet Musical: “We’re The Man” from Calvin Berger with Noah Hansen and Kameron Koslowski

Duet Musical: “Single Man Drought” from I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change with Averyl Hartje and Peyton Guenther

Solo Musical: “Confrontation” with Joseph Wilde

Duet Acting Dramatic: Isn’t It Romantic with Katie Walter and Peyton Guenther

Regional Finalist Ribbon Recipients: Top 20% In Our Region

Small Group Musical: “The Musketeer Sketch” from My Favorite Year with John Cramer, Peyton Guenther, Tristan Ihlenburg, Kameron Koslowski, Cian Lister, Casey Young

Duet Musical: “Three Bedroom House” from Batboy, The Musical with Kaiya Shivers and Samantha Katz

Duet Musical: “Think Big” from John and Jen with Katie Walter and Cormac Lister

Solo Musical: “One Perfect Moment” from Bring It On, The Musical with Kaiya Shivers

Group Acting: Rumors with Kyra Alberts, Abi Edwards, Katie Glavey, Noah Kennedy, Kameron Koslowski, Nate Rasmussen, Casey Young, and Natalie Young

Duet Acting Comedic, Experienced:  Apparition with Noah Kennedy and Cian Lister

Duet Acting Comedic, Experienced: The 39 Steps with Nate Rasmussen and Samantha Katz 

Duet Acting Dramatic, Novice: Crush with Logan Demarais and Bella Frank

Solo Acting, Novice: Twelfth Night & Enrichment with Bella Frank

Additional Accomplishments

Drama Club Treasurer Mikaela Ochocki represented Wilsonville High School as Vice-chair of the Oregon Student Thespian Officers. At Regionals this year she participated in leading two state-wide initiatives: the Feminine Hygiene Drive for women’s shelters and the Minute To Give for California school districts affected by wildfires.

Mikaela lead Thespian Troupe #5452 to bring 10,000 out of 18,000 Feminine Hygiene Products to the State Thespian Drive, making WVHS the winner for the Northeast Region. She also helped organize our region to raise over $450 during the Minute To Give drive, the largest amount raised by any region in the state.

Announcing Our Thespian / Night On Broadway 2019 Participants!

Our Night On Broadway Thespian Showcase will be held two nights only on January 31 & February 1 at 7 pm in the Wilsonville High School Auditorium. The suggested donation is $5. Come support Thespian Troupe #5452 as we present our competitive drama pieces to the public for the first time. Performances include group musical numbers, short acting scenes, and monologues. Hope to see you there!

Throughout January and culminating at these performances, we are accepting donations of feminine hygiene products to bring to the competition for women’s shelters. Please bring new, unopened toilet paper, feminine pads, diapers, diaper wipes, toiletries like toothpaste & deodorant, and nail polish. These items will be delivered to women’s shelters after the competition. Thank you in advance for your support!


Large Group Musical Number

Garrett Dixon

Nate Rasmussen

Noah Hansen

Chance Kirk

Casey Young

Dawson Kennedy

Cormac Lister

Katie Walter

Grace Folske

Tristan Ihlenburg

Kate Hedgepeth

Katie Glavey

Samantha Katz

Mikaela Ochocki

Tenley Lubisich

Sophie Villenueve


Small Group Musical Number #1

Natalya Karnes

Siona Olson

Abi Edwards

Grace Folske

Quinn Moody

Kate Jeffries


Small Group Musical Number #2

Cian Lister

Peyton Guenther

Tristan Ihlenburg

Casey Young

Kameron Koslowski

John Cramer


Duet Musical Numbers

Samantha Katz & Kaiya Shivers

Noah Hansen & Kameron Koslowski

Katie Walter & Cormac Lister

Averyl Hartje & Peyton Guenther


Solo Musical Numbers

Jessica Hansen

Kate Hedgepeth

Mikaela Ochocki

Lily Saunders

Morgan Schwenke

Kaiya Shivers

Sophie Villenueve

Joseph Wilde



Duo Dramatic Novice

Bella Franklin & Logan Demarais

Olyvia Neal & Jeven Lundbergh

Ian Garcia & Thomas Johnson


Duo Dramatic Experienced

Averyl Hartje & Kaiya Shivers

Katie Glavey & Mikaela Ochocki

Natalie Young & Kyra Alberts

Peyton Guenther & Katie Walter

Sam Duran & Noah Hansen

Peyton Butler & Cormac Lister


Duo Comedic Novice

Ainsley Mayes & Lizzie Hall

Claire Ihlenburg & Rhiannon Torango

Hannah Jacobs & Colby Guenther


Duo Comedic Experienced

Abi Edwards & Grace Folske

Noah Kennedy & Cian Lister

Wyett Butler & John Cramer

Nate Rasmussen & Samantha Katz


Solo Acting Novice

Bella Franklin

Lizzie Hall

Hannah Jacobs

Olyvia Neal


Solo Acting Experienced

Peyton Butler

Averyl Hartje


Group Acting Scene #1

Nate Rasmussen

Noah Kennedy

Casey Young

Kameron Koslowski

Katie Glavey

Abi Edwards

Natalie Young

Kyra Alberts


Group Acting Scene #2

Wyett Butler

Morgan Schwenke

Kate Jeffries

Logan Demarais

Rhiannon Torango

Jeven Lundbergh

Tristan Ihlenburg

Presenting The Cast Of Much Ado About Nothing, Our Winter Show!

We are thrilled to announce the cast of our second show this year, Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare. We are placing this hilarious romantic comedy, directed by John Fitzgerald, just after World War I in England. The play will be presented in the auditorium on February 21, 22, 23, 28 and March 1 and 2 at 7 pm. Tickets are on sale now!


Don Pedro, The Prince – Noah Hansen
Leonato – Joseph Wilde
Antonia – Abi Edwards
Don John – Garrett Dixon
Conrade – Tenley Lubisich
Borachio – Cormac Lister
Benedick – Nate Rasmussen
Claudio – Casey Young
Balthasar – Kaiya Shivers
Dogberry – Kameron Koslowski
Verges – Cian Lister
Hugh Oatcake – Jeremy Katz
George Seacoal – Ethan Sarin
Sexton – Peyton Butler
Friar – Chance Kirk
Hero – Samantha Katz
Beatrice – Averyl Hartje
Margaret – Natalie Debra
Ursula – Mikaela Ochocki
Don Pedro’s messenger – Jeven Lundberg
Ensemble (messengers, dancers, watchmen, wedding guests) – Logan Demarais, Lizzie Hall, Jessica Hansen, Chandler Hartenberger, Siona Olson

Tech Crew

Stage Manager – Mackenzie Bodyfelt
Light Board Operator – Sam Duran
Sound Board Operator – Vy Frolov
Sound Board Assistant – Anna Stanley
Backstage Managers – Meghan Barry & Briauna Haskins
Stagehand – Jillian Dauth
Stagehand – Kaitlyn Graves
Stagehand – Andrew Murphy
Costume/Hair/Makeup Manager – Ellie Counts
Costume/Hair/Makeup Assistant – Katie Glavey
Costume/Hair/Makeup Assistant – Gabriella Guertin
Costume/Hair/Makeup Assistant – Esmé Krause
Costume/Hair/Makeup Assistant – Nicola Krause
Costume/Hair/Makeup Assistant – Rhiannon Torango
House Manager – Sarina Kaufman
Front of House Tech – John Cramer
Front of House Tech – Maddie Diehl
Front of House Tech – Hayley Jablonowski
Front of House Tech – Ainsley Mayes
Front of House Tech – Cami Saunders
Front of House Tech – Marisa Stucki

Production Team

Director – John Fitzgerald
Student Director – Katie Walter
Production Coordinator – Jason Katz
Set Design & Construction – Kevin Cameron
Set Design & Construction – Mark Sahli
Scenic Artist – Julie Hansen
Lighting Designer – Kacy Hughson
Music Director & Accompanist- Cami Saunders
Choreographers – Samanatha Katz & Mikaela Ochocki
Costume Designer – Peyton Butler & Heather Nunn
Costume Assistant – Kelly McMichael
Sponsorship, Publicity & Webmaster – Christina Katz
Ticket Sales – Allison Kaufman
Program Design – Christy Rasmussen
Concessions – Jennifer Young
Photographer – Jake Young
Poster & T-Shirt Design – Michelle Stevens
Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing is a sublime battle of wits and wills. Beatrice and Benedick would rather exchange scorching insults than sweet nothings. However, the pugnacious pair is forced to forge a partnership in order to defend house and honor, and attempt to salvage the true love of Hero and Claudio after deceptions destroy the lovers’ wedding day. Will the earnest endeavor to restore a young romance elicit an unexpected change of heart for the effort’s unlikely collaborators as well? Come see the play to find out!

William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in April 1564, and his birth is traditionally celebrated on April 23. The facts of his life, known from surviving documents, are sparse. He was one of eight children born to John Shakespeare, a merchant of some standing in his community. In November 1582, at the age of eighteen, he married Anne Hathaway, eight years his senior, who was pregnant with their first child, Susanna. She was born on May 26, 1583. Twins, a boy, Hamnet ( who would die at age eleven), and a girl, Judith, were born in 1585. By 1592 Shakespeare had gone to London working as an actor and already known as a playwright. A rival dramatist, Robert Greene, referred to him as “an upstart crow, beautified with our feathers.” Shakespeare became a principal shareholder and playwright of the successful acting troupe, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men (later under James I, called the King’s Men). In 1599 the Lord Chamberlain’s Men built and occupied the Globe Theater in Southwark near the Thames River. Here many of Shakespeare’s plays were performed by the most famous actors of his time, including Richard Burbage, Will Kempe, and Robert Armin. In addition to his 37 plays, Shakespeare had a hand in others, including Sir Thomas More and The Two Noble Kinsmen, and he wrote poems, including Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece. His 154 sonnets were published, probably without his authorization, in 1609. In 1611 or 1612 he gave up his lodgings in London and devoted more and more time to retirement in Stratford, though he continued writing such plays as The Tempest and Henry VII until about 1613. He died on April 23 1616, and was buried in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford. No collected edition of his plays was published during his lifetime, but in 1623 two members of his acting company, John Heminges and Henry Condell, put together the great collection now called the First Folio.

Our spring show is She Kills Monsters. Please sign up for our email list for friendly show reminders in your inbox.