The Spring Show Is Out Of The Frying Pan By Francis Swann & It Has Been Double-Cast

Tickets Are On Sale Now!

Imagine a 1940’s version of the hit TV show Friends, and you have Wilsonville High School’s Out Of The Frying Pan

The spring play at Wilsonville High School is Out Of The Frying Pan by Francis Swann. This hidden gem of a comedy was first produced in 1941 on Broadway.

The play is about six young people — three guys and three girls — who share an apartment in New York City in 1941. They are all struggling actors, who live above a Broadway producer and sometimes spy on him through a hole in the floor. One of the girls, Dottie, comes from a wealthy, uptight family in Boston. Her family would be appalled at her lifestyle, especially since three guys live in the apartment. Hilarity ensues when her father, Mr. Coburn, who pays for the apartment, unexpectedly shows up and they all have to improvise.

Other funny situations crop up when they try to coax the Broadway producer into their apartment so they can act out their play for him.

This production could probably be best described as a combination of the hit TV show Friends (six friends – three girls and three guys — living together in an apartment in New York City) mixed with the classic comedic play You Can’t Take It With You (wacky artistic types living together under the same roof).

Out Of The Frying Pan is directed by Jason Katz and will be performed four times by two casts for a total of eight performances. Shows will be in the WVHS auditorium May 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 at 7 p.m. There will also be matinees on May 19 and 26 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $10 each and are on sale now. This show is recommended for ages 12 and up.

“The situations that occur in the play are very much like the comedy in a television sitcom. I am expecting to hear a lot of laughter because this play is really funny,” says director Jason Katz.

Katz has split the cast into two groups: the “Hawkes” cast and the “Capra” cast. Both are named after famous comedy directors of the 1930’s and 40’s, Howard Hawkes (Bringing Up BabyHis Girl Friday, and many others) and Frank Capra (It Happened One NightYou Can’t Take it With You, and many others).

Hawkes Cast:

Norman – Noah Kennedy
Tony – Nathan Artman
George – Cormac Lister
Dottie – Natalie Young
Kate – Katie Glavey
Marge – Tenley Lubisich
Muriel – Kyra Alberts
Mrs. Garnet – Peyton Butler
Kenny – Kameron Koslowski
Coburn – Nate Rasmussen
Cop 1 – John Cramer
Cop 2 – Jaxson Alberts

Capra Cast:

Norman – Casey Young
Tony – Ari Lauthner
George – Garrett Dixon
Dottie – Samantha Katz
Kate – Katie Walter
Marge – Grace Folske
Muriel – Abi Edwards
Mrs. Garnet – Peyton Guenther
Kenny – Kameron Koslowski
Coburn – Nate Rasmussen
Cop 1 – Briauna Haskins
Cop 2 – Keyera Haskins

We hope you are as excited as we are about discovering this hilarious, seldom-performed play!

WVHS Shines At State Thespian Competition

All of our state qualifiers, who competed this past weekend from back row to front row: Hyrum Worth, Ari Lauthner, Garret Dixon, Noah Hansen, Nate Rasmussen, Peyton Guenther, Sam Duran, Katie Glavey, Peyton Butler, Cormac Lister, Averyl Hartje, Katie Walter, Chance Hansen, Noah Kennedy, and Kameron Koslowski.
Mikaela Ochocki, Board Vice-Chair, State Thespian Officer 2018-2019

We are proud of all of our performers and techs, who participated in Night On Broadway, Regionals, and State! Here’s a few results from our three days in Salem, Oregon for the State Thespian Competition. Mikaela Ochocki (pictured, right) was selected as Vice-Chair to serve as an Oregon State Thespian Officer. Kameron Koslowski and Noah Kennedy were one of the top two Original Pantomime Scenes, so they showcased at the event. Our State Finalists, in the top four competitors out of sixteen at state, were: Peyton Guenther and Nate Rasmussen for their Duet Acting Comic – Experienced scene, Beyond Therapy by Christopher Durang & Katie Walter and Averyl Hartje for their Duet Acting Dramatic – Experienced scene Agnes Of God. Our one-act, Post It’s (Notes On A Marriage) by Paul Dooley was directed by Peyton Guenther and received a superior rating.

Big thanks to Jason Katz and John Fitzgerald for all of their late nights and extra hours at school helping students prepare for Night On Broadway, Regionals, and State. We appreciate all the district, parent and community support for theatre education!

The whole State 2018 crew.

Audience Will Sit On WVHS Stage For The First Time To Watch The Importance Of Being Earnest

For the first time ever, audience members who attend The Importance Of Being Earnest at Wilsonville High School will join the actors behind the stage curtain.

Director John Fitzgerald is creating a black box experience by constructing a simple set, arranging seating on three sides, curtaining in the stage, and inviting audience members inside for a more intimate experience watching the show.

Fitzgerald says audience members will feel like they are part of the show because they will be so close to the action. Adjustments to the script occasionally have to made as a result. For example, Gwendolyn has a line about how blue Earnest’s eyes are, which has been changed because the audience will be close enough to see that his eyes are brown.

Close quarters onstage, a Victorian time period, and lots of realistic moments throughout the show mean the cast will have to go above and beyond to suspend disbelief for the audience. Fitzgerald says, “The cast is working incredibly hard to make every moment on stage shine. I am honored to collaborate with amazingly talented artists who are pouring so much energy, creativity, and life into their roles.”

As for the show itself, The Importance Of Being Earnest is a farcical comedy that pokes fun at the upper class British of late Victorian London. The subtitle of the play by Oscar Wilde is A Trivial Comedy For Serious People. Audiences will enjoy the silly, witty banter of men trying to get away with double lives and the women who won’t let them. Duplicity is made hilarious as the female characters try to reconcile their fantasies of the perfect man with the very real and imperfect men they think they admire.

This is a compact show with a cast of nine performers. Jack Worthing (also known as Earnest) will be played by junior Nate Rasmussen. Gwendolyn Fairfax will be played sophomore Samantha Katz. Algernon Moncrieff will be played by senior Chance Hansen. Cecily Cardew will be played by sophomore Averyl Hartje. Lady Bracknell will be played by senior Callie Sahli. Dr. Chasuble will be played by sophomore Kameron Koslowski. Miss Prism will be played by junior Peyton Butler. Butlers Merriman and Lane will be played by Casey Young and Ari Lauthner respectively.

In 1895, Wilde made fun of upper class society and invited them to laugh at themselves in spite of themselves. In an age when we can take opinions too seriously and imagine that online flame wars are the most important things in the world, The Importance Of Being Earnest still reminds us of the folly of being human and encourages us to find humor in our everyday absurdities.

The show boasts a unique set design by WVHS’s longtime set designer Kevin Cameron and lush costumes arranged by former Thespian Kelly McMichael. McMichael has fond memories of participating in this show when she was in college.

The Importance Of Being Earnest runs February 22nd – 24th and March 1st – 3rd at 7pm in the Wilsonville High School Auditorium. Tickets are available online at Prices are $10 for adults and $8 for students. The show is recommended for ages twelve and up.

Wilsonville High School Thespians Win & Place At 2018 Regional Thespian Competition

20 Wilsonville High School students scored in the top 20% in their categories at the Regional Thespian Competition in Canby, Oregon on Saturday, February 3rd. The department sent 42 students to the competition with a total of 41 entries, not including a couple of technical theatre entries, which were submitted in that category for the first time.

Jason Katz and John Fitzgerald directed the students, who performed two Night On Broadway showcases in the auditorium in preparation for the competition. The state competition is in Salem, Oregon on April 5-7th.

Students in the top 10% with acts or numbers moving on to compete at the state level include: seniors: Chance Hansen, Katie Glavey and Hyrum Worth; juniors: Noah Kennedy, Peyton Guenther, Nate Rasmussen, and Garret Dixon; sophomores: Noah Hansen, Averyl Hartje, Katie Walter, Kameron Koslowski, Sam Duran, and Ari Lauthner; and freshman: Cormac Lister.

Students with two acts/numbers going to State include: Chance Hansen, Noah Hansen and Kameron Koslowski.

Students who made the top 20% are Regional Finalists and were awarded a ribbon at the event. These students were: seniors: Callie Sahli and Kalonni Smith; sophomores: Katie Walter and Mikaela Ochocki; and freshman: Kaiya Shivers.

Mikaela Ochocki had two acts/numbers place in the top 20% as Regional Finalists.

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Wilsonville High School Regional Thespian Competition 2018 Results

Program Directors: Jason Katz & John Fitzgerald

Top 10% experienced going to state

Duet Acting Dramatic – Experienced:

True West by Sam Shepard
Chance Hansen & Noah Hansen

Agnes Of God by John Pielmeier
Averyl Hartje & Katie Walter

Duet Acting Comic – Experienced:

The Marriage Counselor  by Joey Oullette
Katie Glavey & Kameron Koslowski

Beyond Therapy by Chistopher Durang
Peyton Guenther Nate Rasmussen

Original Pantomime:

Noah Kennedy & Kameron Koslowski

Small Group Musical:

“There Is Nothing Like A Dame” from South Pacific
Music by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, book by Joshua Logan
Garrett Dixon, Sam Duran, Chance Hansen, Noah Hansen, Ari Lauthner, Cormac Lister, Hyrum Worth

Top 20% are regional finalists

Solo Acting – Experienced:

From Alex, A Conversation About Nothing & Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
Katie Walter

From Ohio by Nick Zagone & Reasons To Be Pretty by Neil Labute
Callie Sahli

Duet Acting Dramatic – Experienced:

Teach Me How To Cry by Patricia Joudry
Mikaela Ochocki & Kaiya Shivers

Duet Acting Comedic – Novice:

Blind Date by Horton Foote
Grace Folske & Tenley Lubisich

Duet Musical Theatre:

“Therapy” from Tick, Tick, Boom!
Music and lyrics by Johnathan Larson
Mikaela Ochocki & Kalonni L. Smith

Announcing Participants In Our Night On Broadway Thespian Competition Showcase


Large Group 1:

Kalonni Smith
Callie Sahli
Tenley Lubisich
Mikaela Ochocki
Kaiya Shivers
Cormac Lister
Kameron Koslowski
Shaylee Ochocki
John Cramer
Natalie Young
Siona LaForm
Casey Young
Noah Kennedy
Grace Folske
Chance Hansen

Large Group 2:

Cami Saunders
Kate Jeffries
Dawson Kennedy
Nate Rasmussen
Peyton Guenther
Noah Hansen
Averyl Hartje
Lauren Dean
Abi Edwards
Garrett Dixon
Sam Duran
Katie Glavey
Peyton Butler
Siona Olson
Katie Walter
Morgan Schwenke

Small Group 1:

Garrett Dixon
Hyrum Worth
Sam Duran
Noah Hansen
Chance Hansen
Cormac Lister
Ari Lauthner

Small Group 2:

Samantha Katz
Nate Rasmussen
Katie Glavey
Emma Weatherly
Grace Folske


Kalonni Smith & Mikaela Ochocki
Hyrum Worth & Callie Sahli
Dawson Kennedy & Samantha Katz
Ari Lauthner & Kaiya Shivers


Lauren Dean
Abi Edwards
Emma Weatherly
Cami Saunders
Tenley Lubisich
Shaylee Ochocki
Kate Jeffries


Solo Novice:
Willow Moss
Bella Glastra Van Loon

Solo Experienced:

Averyl Hartje
Callie Sahli
Katie Walter
Peyton Guenther

Pantomime Duos:

Kameron Koslowksi
Noah Kennedy

Morgan Schwenke
Natalie Young

Jaxson Alberts
Jeremy Katz

Peyton Butler
Siona Laform

John Cramer
Casey Young

Duo Dramatic or Comedic Novice:

Jeremy Katz & John Cramer
Willow Moss & Jaxson Alberts
Tenley Lubisich & Grace Folske
Noah Kennedy & Morgan Schwenke
Bella Glastra Van Loon & Maggie Willard

Duo Dramatic or Comedic Experienced:

Averyl Hartje & Katie Walter
Natalie Young & Siona Laform
Kameron Koslowski & Katie Glavey
Nate Rasmussen & Peyton Guenther
Noah Hansen & Chance Hansen
Mikaela Ochocki & Kaiya Shivers
Sam Duran & Cormac Lister
Ari Lauthner & Abi Edwards
Kate Jeffries & Casey Young

Announcing The Importance Of Being Earnest At Wilsonville High School Cast List

Jack Worthing – Nate Rasmussen
Gwendolyn Fairfax – Samantha Katz
Algernon Moncrieff – Chance Hansen
Cecily Cardew – Averyl Hartje
Lady Bracknell – Callie Sahli
Dr. Chasuble – Kameron Koslowski
Miss Prism – Peyton Butler
Merriman – Casey Young
Lane – Ari Lauthner

Directed by John Fitzgerald

February 22 – 24
March 1 -3
On the stage in the Wilsonville High School Auditorium

Check out these audition photos that appeared in the Wilsonville Spokesman

The Little Mermaid At Wilsonville High School Is Completely Sold Out

The Little Mermaid at Wilsonville High School is completely sold out.

However, if you would still like to see the show, you can come to the box office 45 minutes prior to show time and get on a waiting list.

We cannot promise that you will get in or that wait list seats will be together, but ticket holders sometimes do not show and people often turn in extra tickets. So why not give it a try?

In the meantime, why not get on our email list and follow us on Facebook in the sidebar? We always provide an age recommendation for each show. Just follow the instructions in the right-hand sidebar. >>>

The Little Mermaid At Wilsonville High School Press Release

The Little Mermaid’s At Wilsonville High School Has Hopeful Reminders For These Times

Wilsonville High School Performing Arts Department is proud to present Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Join us in celebrating this colorful classic, which contains relevant reminders for these times, such as learning to trust one’s intuition and overcoming unfounded fears about others. Ariel is no mere Disney Princess, she also reminds us how to bridge the divide between two worlds.

The Little Mermaid begins with sophomore Annabelle McClelland, who plays Ariel, singing “The World Above,” in which she expresses her longing to experience a culture different from the one she was raised in. Meanwhile, sophomore Noah Hansen, who plays Prince Eric, sings his first song of the show, “In Fathom’s Below” describing how he feels more at home out on the ocean than playing the role of a prince destined to become king.

As the story unfolds, Ariel and Eric will strain the royal ties that bind them and venture beyond everything they know, reminding us all to follow our inner calling, take risks, and tune out the status quo. Often, as Eric and Ariel discover, the things they are seeking are also seeking them.

Both young royals have friends who help bring Ariel and Eric together like Flounder, played by freshman Kate Jeffries, Scuttle the seagull, played by senior Nathan Artman, and Sebastian the crab, played by senior Kalonni Smith. Standing in their way is Ariel’s father, King Triton, played by junior Nate Rasmussen, Ursula The Sea Witch played by junior Peyton Guenther, and two slithery eels, played by senior Callie Sahli and junior Dawson Kennedy.

This is a live theatrical production of the original Broadway show and is recommended for ages five and up. We have seven performances in the Wilsonville Auditorium including one matinee. The show begins at 7 pm on November 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 & 10. The matinee begins at 2 pm on November 11. Tickets for The Little Mermaid are $12 for adults and $10 for students and children. Tickets may be pre-purchased at Shows are expected to sell out.

For toddlers and preschoolers, the department is hosting a special Little Mermaid Character Tea. If your children wish to interact with the characters, sing along with them and get photos taken, bring them to the high school on Saturday afternoon, November 4th at 3 pm. The cost of the tea is $5 per child at the door with a $10 family maximum. LEARN MORE

The Little Mermaid is a team effort of the performing arts departments at Wilsonville High School. Jason Katz is in his 14th year of directing musicals. Band director Chad Davies will conduct the pit orchestra for the fifth year in a row and choir teacher Annie Kubitschek is the vocal director for her second year. Returning to choreograph the whole show is the multi-talented Maddie Brockman.

The Little Mermaid At Wilsonville High School Cast List

Ariel – Annabelle McClelland
Eric – Noah Hansen
Sebastian – Kalonni Smith
Triton – Nate Rasmussen
Ursula – Peyton Guenther
Flounder – Kate Jeffries
Scuttle – Nathan Artman
Grimsby – Kameron Koslowski
Flotsam – Dawson Kennedy
Jetsam – Callie Sahli
Pilot – Garrett Dixon
Chef Louis – Cory Brown

Aquata – Samantha Katz
Adrina – Siona Olson
Arista – Averyl Hartje
Atina – Cami Saunders
Adella – Hannah Jenson
Allana – Grace Folske


Peyton Butler, Sam Duran, Abi Edwards, Hailey Flick, Katie Fry, Katie Glavey, Keyere Haskins, Tristan Ihlenberg, Hannah Jacobs, Sydnie Jersey, Natalia Karnes, Siona LaForm, Ari Lauthner, Cormac Lister, Daniel Lounsbury, Angela Morris, Mikaela Ochocki, Shaylee Ochocki, Juliette Saccente, Kaiya Shivers, Katie Walter, Natalie Young, Casey Young