Dungeons & Dragons Brought To Life: She Kills Monsters Runs May 16-18 & 23-25 At Wilsonville High School

She Kills Monsters at Wilsonville High School May 2019
Senior Abi Edwards plays Agnes and junior Kameron Koslowski plays Chuck in Wilsonville High School’s spring play, “She Kills Monsters.”

Dragons, fairies, elves, gelatinous man-eating cubes — welcome to the fantasy-fueled, role-playing realms of Dungeons & Dragons. She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen is the spring show at Wilsonville High School. The play tells the story of high school senior Agnes Evans as she strives to deal with the death of her younger sister, Tilly. Tilly was a self-described geek who, unlike her popularity-seeking sister, was into D&D.

In the show, Agnes seeks the help of a dungeon master, a geeky freshman named Chuck, to help her navigate an adventure campaign that her sister had authored and left behind before she died. While playing her sister’s game, which is depicted imaginatively onstage complete with creatures, battles, and witty repartee, Agnes is able to reconnect with her sister and a few of her strange friends while joining the group’s main quest — to recover Tilly’s lost soul from Tiamat, a five-headed magic-wielding dragon.

Some of Tilly’s companions who Agnes gets to know on the quest include a dark elf, Kaliope, who isn’t quite attuned to human emotions, Lillith, a demon queen who wields a deadly battle axe, and Orcus, the former lord of the underworld, who would much rather watch reruns of Friends than embark on any adventures. The team encounters many obstacles in the play, including being bullied by some cheerleaders, who had bullied Tilly in real life and who appear in the game as a pair of evil imps, and of course, the dragon.

While on the journey, Agnes gets to know her sister and herself in ways she never knew before and comes to discover why killing dragons and going on quests is more rewarding than striving for popularity. In this high-octane dramedy laden with sword fights, dance battles, and 90s pop culture, acclaimed playwright Qui Nguyen offers a heart-pounding homage to the geek and warrior within us all. In order to render the multiple onstage battles, Katz brought in fight choreographer Natalie Piper, who worked with the students for a month on proper technique to fight safely.

Agnes is played by senior Abi Edwards and Tilly is played by junior Samantha Katz. Elf Kaliope is played by sophomore Kaiya Shivers. Demon queen Lillith is played by Natalie Young. Junior Noah Hansen plays Orcas. Senior Nate Rasmussen plays Agnes’ boyfriend Miles and dungeon master Chuck is played by junior Kameron Koslowski. Agnes’ best friend Vera is played by junior Katie Walter. The two evil succubi cheerleaders are played by juniors Kate Hedgepeth and Mikaela Ochocki.

She Kills Monsters is directed by Jason Katz, who says he chose this show because “Not only is it filled with fights and creatures, which is fun for the actors and the audience, it also has a layered story with characters who learn something about themselves over the course of the journey. It is a coming of age story set in a creative environment, which I enjoy directing.”

She Kills Monsters runs May 16-18 and 23-25 at 7pm in the Wilsonville High School Auditorium. Tickets are available online at www.wildcatdrama.com and at the door. Prices are $10 for adults and $8 for students. The show is recommended for ages thirteen and up.


Presenting The Cast & Crew Of Our Spring Show: She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen

She Kills Monsters at Wilsonville High School May 2019
Junior Samantha Katz plays Tilly, sophomore Kaiya Shivers plays Kaliope the elf, and junior Natalie Young plays Lilith the demon in Wilsonville High School’s spring play, “She Kills Monsters.”

We are pleased to announce our cast for She Kills Monsters. We will announce the rest of the team closer to opening night. Tickets go on sale shortly after Spring Break. This show runs May 16-18 & May 23-25 at 7 pm in the Wilsonville High School Auditorium. This play is recommended for ages 13 and up. Hope to see you there!

(This list is updated on an ongoing basis. Please let us know if you spy an oversight.)

Cast List:
Agnes – Abi Edwards
Tilly – Samantha Katz
Kaliope – Kaiya Shivers
Lilith – Natalie Young
Orcus – Noah Hansen
Miles – Nate Rasmussen
Chuck – Kameron Koslowski
Steve – Cian Lister
Evil Tina – Mikaela Ochocki
Evil Gabbi – Kate Hedgepeth
Farrah the Faerie – Hannah Jacobs
Vera – Katie Walter

Wyett Butler
John Cramer
Jillian Dauth
Alexis Gessler
Jessica Hansen
Laura Jeffrey
Lizzie Hall
Cormac Lister
Blake Sandall
Marisa Stukey
Casey Young

Stage Manager: Mackenzie Bodyfelt
Student Director: Katie Glavey
Assistant Stage Manager: Meghan Barry
Weapons Master: Nicola Krause
Light Board Operator: Sam Duran
Sound Board Operator: Vy Frolov
Sound Board Assistant: Ethan Sarin
House Manager: Sarina Kaufman
House Manager: Briauna Haskins
Front of House Tech: Rhiannon Torango
Front of House Tech: Grace Wilhelm
Front of House Tech: Dawn Quintero
Front of House Tech: Payton Bell
Front of House Tech: Jeremy Katz
Backstage Manager: Andrew Kaleigh Murphy
Stage Hand: Kaitlyn Graves
Stage Hand: Esmé Krause
Stage Hand: Ashton West
Stage Hand: Kylee Benge
Costume/Makeup/Hair Manager: Tenley Lubisich
Costume/Makeup/Hair Assistant: Halle Jones
Costume/Makeup/Hair Assistant: Anna Stanley
Costume/Makeup/Hair Assistant: Logan Demarais
Costume/Makeup/Hair Assistant: Ainsley Mayes
Costume/Makeup/Hair Assistant: Chance Kirk

Wilsonville High School’s Legally Blonde Delivers Empowering Messages For These Times

Sophomore Kaiya Shivers plays Elle Woods in Wilsonville High School’s production of Legally Blonde, The Musical. Kaiya is holding Piper, who will be playing the role of Bruiser Woods. (PC: Mikaela Ochocki)

Wilsonville High School Performing Arts Department is proud to present Legally Blonde, The Musical. This show puts the spotlight on girlpower and contains relevant reminders for these times, such as young women developing self-esteem, taking intellectual risks, and standing up for female friends. Elle Woods has spent most of her life being Daddy’s little “Button” and boyfriend Warner’s “Pooh Bear,” but when she finds out she’s being jilted for someone who takes herself more seriously, she decides to dig deep, give up her party-girl lifestyle, and apply to Harvard Law School, just like Warner.

Sophomore Kaiya Shivers plays Elle Woods, the only young woman to ever sing, dance and lead a parade that lands her at Harvard Law School. This prestigious Ivy League school is like another planet compared to where Elle grew up in Malibu, California, but she is undaunted, and also a little naïve. No worries because Elle invokes the power of love to help her overcome every hurdle that stands between her and her fantasy of becoming Mrs. Warner Huntington III. Warner is played by junior Noah Hansen.

When she arrives on the East Coast, Elle finds that love may no longer be the magical abracadabra that opens every barred door. Now she actually has to start using her head, and her new friend Emmett Forest, a teaching assistant from the wrong side of Boston Harbor, seems uniquely qualified to help her finally get serious about her studies. Emmett is played by senior Nate Rasmussen, and he’s not Elle’s only ally. She seems to attract new pals with every flip of her long blonde hair.

Elle’s friends include Paulette Bonafonte played by senior Peyton Guenther, who is a stylist at a Boston hair salon. Paulette has also been unlucky in love and the two women team up to try to turn the romantic tables. Elle also has the power of invoking her very own “Greek Chorus” comprised of her best friends from Delta Nu, which now seems like a dream compared the to competitive nightmare of her classmates at Harvard. Margot, Serena, Pilar, and other flighty yet devoted sorority girls, take their sisterhood seriously, literally popping up whenever Elle experiences rejection. Margot is played by Mikaela Ochocki, Serena is played by Samantha Katz, and Pilar is played by Natalya Karnes.

But Elle’s real nemesis is Warner’s old-girlfriend-turned-current-girlfriend Vivienne, who seems to enjoy humiliating Elle, whom she views as a threat to her and Warner’s law career advancement. Vivienne is played by junior Grace Folske.

Elle gets an unexpected opportunity to redeem herself to Professor Callahan, played by junior Kameron Koslowski. When fitness queen Brooke Windham goes on trial for the murder of her husband, Elle makes the cut for the legal intern team helping Callahan defend her. Brooke is played by junior Tenley Lubisich.

Will Elle finally impress Warner with her salon smarts and convince him to dump Vivian so they can be reunited as she originally hoped? Or will Elle finally become as good of a friend to herself as she is to everyone else? Come see Legally Blonde, The Musical at Wilsonville High School to find out.

According to director Jason Katz, “This is a female empowerment story, and I think it is one that is very important in today’s day and age. There are very few musicals like it, where the woman doesn’t just end up with the guy at the end because that is an easy “happily ever after.” In addition, this show is really fun. The characters are well developed and the songs are powerful. I think this is one musical folks won’t want to miss.”

Legally Blonde is a team effort of the performing arts departments at Wilsonville High School. Jason Katz is in his 15th year of directing musicals. Choir director Annie Kubitschek is the vocal director for her third year. Andrew Bray will conduct the pit orchestra for the first time. Choreographing her first show at WVHS is Kate Jahnson.

This is a live theatrical production of the original Broadway show and is recommended for ages 13 and up. There are six performances in the Wilsonville Auditorium and they are all evening shows. The show begins at 7 pm on November 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10. Tickets for Legally Blonde, The Musical are $12 for adults and $10 for students and children. Tickets may be pre-purchased here.

The Little Mermaid At Wilsonville High School Press Release

The Little Mermaid’s At Wilsonville High School Has Hopeful Reminders For These Times

Wilsonville High School Performing Arts Department is proud to present Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Join us in celebrating this colorful classic, which contains relevant reminders for these times, such as learning to trust one’s intuition and overcoming unfounded fears about others. Ariel is no mere Disney Princess, she also reminds us how to bridge the divide between two worlds.

The Little Mermaid begins with sophomore Annabelle McClelland, who plays Ariel, singing “The World Above,” in which she expresses her longing to experience a culture different from the one she was raised in. Meanwhile, sophomore Noah Hansen, who plays Prince Eric, sings his first song of the show, “In Fathom’s Below” describing how he feels more at home out on the ocean than playing the role of a prince destined to become king.

As the story unfolds, Ariel and Eric will strain the royal ties that bind them and venture beyond everything they know, reminding us all to follow our inner calling, take risks, and tune out the status quo. Often, as Eric and Ariel discover, the things they are seeking are also seeking them.

Both young royals have friends who help bring Ariel and Eric together like Flounder, played by freshman Kate Jeffries, Scuttle the seagull, played by senior Nathan Artman, and Sebastian the crab, played by senior Kalonni Smith. Standing in their way is Ariel’s father, King Triton, played by junior Nate Rasmussen, Ursula The Sea Witch played by junior Peyton Guenther, and two slithery eels, played by senior Callie Sahli and junior Dawson Kennedy.

This is a live theatrical production of the original Broadway show and is recommended for ages five and up. We have seven performances in the Wilsonville Auditorium including one matinee. The show begins at 7 pm on November 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 & 10. The matinee begins at 2 pm on November 11. Tickets for The Little Mermaid are $12 for adults and $10 for students and children. Tickets may be pre-purchased at www.wildcatdrama.com. Shows are expected to sell out.

For toddlers and preschoolers, the department is hosting a special Little Mermaid Character Tea. If your children wish to interact with the characters, sing along with them and get photos taken, bring them to the high school on Saturday afternoon, November 4th at 3 pm. The cost of the tea is $5 per child at the door with a $10 family maximum. LEARN MORE

The Little Mermaid is a team effort of the performing arts departments at Wilsonville High School. Jason Katz is in his 14th year of directing musicals. Band director Chad Davies will conduct the pit orchestra for the fifth year in a row and choir teacher Annie Kubitschek is the vocal director for her second year. Returning to choreograph the whole show is the multi-talented Maddie Brockman.