Announcing Our Thespian / Night On Broadway 2019 Participants!

Our Night On Broadway Thespian Showcase will be held two nights only on January 31 & February 1 at 7 pm in the Wilsonville High School Auditorium. The suggested donation is $5. Come support Thespian Troupe #5452 as we present our competitive drama pieces to the public for the first time. Performances include group musical numbers, short acting scenes, and monologues. Hope to see you there!

Throughout January and culminating at these performances, we are accepting donations of feminine hygiene products to bring to the competition for women’s shelters. Please bring new, unopened toilet paper, feminine pads, diapers, diaper wipes, toiletries like toothpaste & deodorant, and nail polish. These items will be delivered to women’s shelters after the competition. Thank you in advance for your support!


Large Group Musical Number

Garrett Dixon

Nate Rasmussen

Noah Hansen

Chance Kirk

Casey Young

Dawson Kennedy

Cormac Lister

Katie Walter

Grace Folske

Tristan Ihlenburg

Kate Hedgepeth

Katie Glavey

Samantha Katz

Mikaela Ochocki

Tenley Lubisich

Sophie Villenueve


Small Group Musical Number #1

Natalya Karnes

Siona Olson

Abi Edwards

Grace Folske

Quinn Moody

Kate Jeffries


Small Group Musical Number #2

Cian Lister

Peyton Guenther

Tristan Ihlenburg

Casey Young

Kameron Koslowski

John Cramer


Duet Musical Numbers

Samantha Katz & Kaiya Shivers

Noah Hansen & Kameron Koslowski

Katie Walter & Cormac Lister

Averyl Hartje & Peyton Guenther


Solo Musical Numbers

Jessica Hansen

Kate Hedgepeth

Mikaela Ochocki

Lily Saunders

Morgan Schwenke

Kaiya Shivers

Sophie Villenueve

Joseph Wilde



Duo Dramatic Novice

Bella Franklin & Logan Demarais

Olyvia Neal & Jeven Lundbergh

Ian Garcia & Thomas Johnson


Duo Dramatic Experienced

Averyl Hartje & Kaiya Shivers

Katie Glavey & Mikaela Ochocki

Natalie Young & Kyra Alberts

Peyton Guenther & Katie Walter

Sam Duran & Noah Hansen

Peyton Butler & Cormac Lister


Duo Comedic Novice

Ainsley Mayes & Lizzie Hall

Claire Ihlenburg & Rhiannon Torango

Hannah Jacobs & Colby Guenther


Duo Comedic Experienced

Abi Edwards & Grace Folske

Noah Kennedy & Cian Lister

Wyett Butler & John Cramer

Nate Rasmussen & Samantha Katz


Solo Acting Novice

Bella Franklin

Lizzie Hall

Hannah Jacobs

Olyvia Neal


Solo Acting Experienced

Peyton Butler

Averyl Hartje


Group Acting Scene #1

Nate Rasmussen

Noah Kennedy

Casey Young

Kameron Koslowski

Katie Glavey

Abi Edwards

Natalie Young

Kyra Alberts


Group Acting Scene #2

Wyett Butler

Morgan Schwenke

Kate Jeffries

Logan Demarais

Rhiannon Torango

Jeven Lundbergh

Tristan Ihlenburg

Here’s The Poster For Wilsonville High School’s 2018-2019 Theatre Season

Night On Broadway Showcase Is $5 At The Door On February 1st & 2nd

The Drama Club is hosting a book drive along with this event. Please bring new or gently used books for pre-K through elementary school students. The club that collects the most books for charity earns preferred seating at the state competition in April. Your book donations ensure our school does not end up in the balcony. Thanks for participating!

41 students will perform in the Night On Broadway Thespian Showcase on February 1st and 2nd in the Wilsonville High School Auditorium.

Last April, the Wildcat Drama Club, also known as Thespian Troupe 5452, accomplished a big goal: one of their duo acting scenes showcased at the 2017 State Thespian Competition. That means they won state in that category. This year the troupe has prepared over thirty acting and musical theater pieces they plan to take to the Regional Thespian Competition on February 3rd. The troupe hopes that each will qualify for this year’s state competition, which will take place in Salem this April.

All of these prepared scenes, from large group musical numbers to solo acting pieces, will be performed for the public on the two nights before they are taken to competition. 41 students will perform in the Night On Broadway Thespian Showcase on February 1st and 2nd in the Wilsonville High School Auditorium.

“I think everyone who came to the showcase last year was really impressed with the professionalism of the actors,” says Jason Katz. “But I think this year’s show is going to be even more impressive than last year.”

Jason Katz and John Fitzgerald direct the musical and acting scenes, with a few musical numbers choreographed by Kody Jauron a company dancer and dance instructor from the Northwest Dance Project in Portland. Music direction of the musical numbers is by Andrew Bray, a professional music director who works with many Portland professional theatres.

“Andrew is not afraid to push the kids to get their best effort,” says Katz. “He can say things like, “I’m here, so don’t waste my time,” in just a serious enough tone to get them to focus and work harder. These are challenging musical numbers – large groups, small groups, duos and solos – that have to be mastered in less than a month, so the students need someone pushing them to do their best.”

Some of the selections in the Night On Broadway showcase include musical numbers from Dogfight, Bonnie & Clyde, Pippin, Violet, The Addams Family, and South Pacific. On the non-musical front, audiences will enjoy comedic scenes from Crimes Of The Heart, Beyond Therapy, and Lend Me A Tenor and dramatic scenes from the plays Night, Mother, Agnes of God, The Graduate, and several others.

According to the director of the winning scene last year from the play Enter Laughing, John Fitzgerald, this moment was a win for the entire troupe and all the students who had competed leading up to last year. “We do this together. The spotlight may focus on an individual for a moment, but we are all about the team,” says Fitzgerald.

The Night On Broadway showcase runs for two nights in the Wilsonville High School Auditorium and having a large audience will help the students understand what it will take to give a winning performance. Tickets are available for $5 at the door before the events. Attendees are welcome to bring an elementary school age book (new or lightly used) for their inter-troupe book drive competition. This showcase contains some mature themes, so is recommended for ages 12 and up.