Cast & Crew Night On Broadway Showcase 2020

Wilsonville High School Night On Broadway 2020Wildcat Drama Presents Annual Night On Broadway Showcase On January 30th and 31st

Dozens of WVHS students will perform in the Night On Broadway Thespian Showcase on January 30th and 31st in the Wilsonville High School Auditorium. These two nights of showcases of Regional Competition pieces are the most multi-faceted performances of the year for the Theatre Department.

The troupe has prepared 30 acting and musical theater pieces they plan to take to the Regional Thespian Competition on February 1st. Scenes that finalize at Regionals will advance to the State Thespian Competition in Salem this April. The evening will feature a range of theatrical pieces from large group musical numbers to solo musical numbers and from multiple-actor acting scenes to solo acting pieces.

Jason Katz and John Fitzgerald direct the musical and acting scenes, with some musical numbers choreographed by WVHS seniors Samantha Katz and Mikaela Ochocki. Music direction of musical numbers is by Andrew Bray, a professional music director who works with many Portland professional theatres. Bray is returning for his third year.

The Night On Broadway showcase runs for two nights in the Wilsonville High School Auditorium. Having an audience helps students learn what it will take to give a winning performance at Regionals. Tickets are available for $5 at the door before the events, which is a suggested donation. This showcase contains mature themes, and is recommended for ages 13 and up.

Act One

Large Group Musical: Natalie Caddell, John Cramer, Logan Demarais, Austin Emmett, Lizzie Hall, Samantha Katz, Chance Kirk, Ari Lauthner, Cian Lister, Cormac Lister, Tenley Lubisich, Donald Nuffer, Lily Saunders, Anna Stanley, Katie Walter, Casey Young

Duet Acting Comedic Novice: Ainsley Mayes and Jillian Dauth

Group Acting: Maddie Downs, Anna Marciniak, Eleanor Marshall

Duet Acting Comedic Experienced: Lizzie Hall and Chance Kirk

Musical Theatre Solo: Annabelle McClelland

Duet Acting Comedic Experienced: John Cramer and Cian Lister

Duet Acting Dramatic Novice: Jeremy Katz and Logan Demarais

Muscial Theatre Duet:  Mikeala Ochocki and Kate Jeffries

Duet Acting Comedic Experienced: Kate Hedgepeth and Donald Nuffer

Acting Solo Experienced: Hannah Jacobs

Duet Acting Dramatic Experienced: Samantha Katz and Natalie Young

Solo Acting Novice: Rhiannon Torango

Musical Theatre Duet: Chance Kirk and Kameron Koslowski

Acting Solo Experienced: Lizzie Hall

Duet Acting Comedic Novice: Lily Saunders and Lauren Bresnahan

Small Group Musical Theatre: Kaiya Shivers, Samantha Katz, and Noah Hansen


Act Two

Small Group Musical Theatre: Austin Emmett, Averyl Hartje, Kate Jeffries, Ari Lauthner, and Cormac Lister

Group Acting: Jillian Dauth, Logan Demarais, Laura Jeffrey, Cian Lister, Blake Sandall, Alex Wellborn

Solo Acting Experienced: Casey Young

Musical Theatre Duet: Annabelle McClelland and Noah Hansen

Duet Acting Comedic Novice: Wyett Butler and Blake Sandall

Solo Acting Experienced: Katie Walter

Musical Theatre Duet: Siona Olson and Averyl Hartje

Duet Acting Dramatic Experienced: Ari Lauthner and Casey Young

Musical Theatre Solo: Claudia Molatore

Duet Acting Comedic Experienced: Averyl Hartje and Mikeala Ochocki

Musical Theatre Solo: Katie Walter

Solo Acting Experienced: Wyett Butler

Duet Acting Comedic Experienced: Hannah Jacobs and Cormac Lister

Large Group Musical Theatre: Kaiya Shivers, Natalie Young, Rhiannon Torango, Siona Olson, Mikaela Ochocki, Claudia Molatore, Elle McGuire, Ainsely Mayes, Hannah Jacobs, Kate Hedgepeth, Chandler Hartenberger, Jessica Hansen, Grace Folske, Kara Emmett, and Lauren Bresnahan



Stage Manager – Meghan Barry

Light Board Operator – Sam Duran

Spotlights – David Ramsay, Ashton West

Sound – Vy Frolov and Payton Bell

Backstage Manager – Andrew Murphy

House Manager – Sarina Kaufman